What if I only want to discuss one particular concern?

If you have one particular thing that you would like to address immediately, you may wish to schedule either a “specific examination” or an “emergency examination.”  During these visits, Dr. Walker will address specific urgent concerns in order to alleviate any pain or discomfort you are feeling. 

Only treatment on the examined area will be done with a specific or emergency examination.  In order to provide you with treatment that meets a high standard of care and the RCDSO’s recordkeeping requirements, a comprehensive examination is required if you wish to continue with Dr. Walker for comprehensive care (i.e., regular routine checkups and cleanings.)

The cost of specific and emergency examinations vary.  In situations where extensive time is spent discussing a diagnosis and treatment plan for a particular tooth, the cost may be equal to that of a comprehensive examination.

How much does the first visit cost?

The overall cost (including the examination, x-rays and cleaning) of your first visit depends on three factors:

  • Age
  • Number of x-rays required
  • Amount of cleaning needed (which depends on how well you brush and floss, and when your last cleaning was!)

Dr. Walker’s fees are based on the Ontario Fee Guide set by the Ontario Dental Association.  These fees are unlikely to vary between dentists.   Patients with insurance are NOT charged higher fees than patients with no coverage.

How do you handle my insurance plan?

After your visit, we will electronically submit a claim to your insurance company so that you can be reimbursed for your visit.  Most insurance companies direct deposit within a few days.

Assignment of benefits can be done under extenuating circumstances upon request.  However, any outstanding balance not paid by the insurance company must be paid within 30 days. 

Although we will do our best to determine which services are covered under your plan, Dr. Walker recommends treatments based on your oral health needs and not on your coverage.  The cost of extensive treatment will be discussed in advance, and pre-determinations can be sent for a more detailed estimation of benefits, but you are responsible in full for all fees charged for services rendered.